30 Best Turkey Recipes To Try

The house is quiet, your guests have all gone home and your amazing Thanksgiving turkey dinner that you spent all day cooking is over but now, what do you do with all that juicy and delicious leftover turkey meat?

You don’t have to eat boring and plain roasted turkey sandwiches at every meal for the next week when you can gobble up some of these leftover turkey recipes! There are recipes for everyone on this list, from rice dishes to soups and snazzy sandwiches (nothing plain, we promise!).

We hope you’re inspired to take a look at these recipes and see what you can do with your turkey bird leftovers today.


1. Turkey Noodle Soup

A twist on classic homestyle chicken noodle soup! This hearty but simple turkey-based soup recipe from Delish packs a savory punch with the addition of garlic and flavorful herbs like rosemary, sage, and thyme. Perfect for a light afternoon lunch the day after Thanksgiving dinner.

Check out the recipe here.

2. Turkey Tetrazzini

This creamy pasta casserole-style dish mixes thin spaghetti, butter, cream of mushroom soup, turkey leftovers, and cheese for a gooey and oven-baked take on your juicy Thanksgiving turkey.

Check out the recipe to make this dish at Taste of Home.

3. Taiwanese Turkey Rice

This delectable Asian rice dish is a mix of classic ingredients that pair in a flavorful way with moist turkey breast or shredded cooked turkey leftovers, ginger, garlic, and crispy fried scallions. This leftover turkey recipe feeds 6 to 8 people but can easily be halved for smaller groups and portions. Great to make lunches for work or as a quick weeknight meal.

Check out the recipe from Epicurious here.

4. Turkey, Ham & Swiss Casserole

The Swiss cheese and diced ham give this turkey casserole an extra flavor boost. Serve this turkey casserole with sliced fresh tomatoes or a mixed salad for a tasty weekend meal for your whole family. This dish takes just half an hour (30 minutes) in the oven.

Check out the recipe at The Spruce Eats.

5. French Toast Turkey Sandwich

How do you turn Thanksgiving dinner into Thanksgiving breakfast? Add French toast! This savory and sweet sandwich is made with thick country-style white bread made into French toast and thick-cut bacon, leftover turkey (white meat turkey breast or dark meat is fine!) arugula, and cranberry sauce.

Check out how to make this leftover turkey recipe here.

6. Turkey Cheese Dip

This sourdough cheesy turkey bread bowl dip is PERFECT for game days, a night in with friends, or as its own meal (we won’t judge, we promise) and it takes just 15 minutes to make. Made with creamy cheese, mayo, and diced turkey leftovers, you can pair this queso dip with the bread you tore from the bowl or make homemade tortilla chips from flour or corn tortillas.

Learn more about this turkey recipe at Delish.

7. Turkey & Dumplings

This amazing roast turkey and dumpling soup can be made with chicken, too, so you don’t need to have only Thanksgiving turkey leftovers around to enjoy it. The puffy flour dumplings make a hearty, thick soup in under an hour. Warm and savory, this turkey dish is quick and easy to make and is perfect for using leftover turkey.

Check out this leftover roast turkey recipe from The Spruce Eats here.

8. Leftover Turkey Bahn Mi

Chef Jamie Oliver’s twist on this Vietnamese sandwich is a perfect use for leftover Thanksgiving turkey (ideally dark meat turkey), pate, and pickles. These are great to make and cut into smaller sandwiches for game day, get-togethers, family lunches, and more.

Check out the recipe here.

9. BBQ Turkey Pizza

You know we love BBQ turkey, so this pizza sounds like a dream come true! The pizza uses a classic homemade crust (but we won’t tell anyone if you use a store-bought crust to save some time) and has a tangy BBQ sauce base and turkey and cheese toppings.

Check out the recipe here.

10. Turkey Pita with Cranberry Pomegranate Sauce

Repurpose multiple leftovers from your Thanksgiving dinner with this flavor-filled roast turkey pita recipe! Don’t have pita bread on hand? That’s okay, naan bread also works, and so do baguettes, ciabatta, or other leftover bread or rolls you might have around from your holiday meal!

Check out the recipe here.

11. Turkey Stock

Before you throw out the bones from your Thanksgiving turkey, make yourself some yummy turkey stock. It’ll come in handy the next time you want to make soup or stew.

Check out this simple recipe from Delish on making basic homemade turkey stock.

12. Leftover Turkey Frittata

Make a simple egg frittata into a robust and filling breakfast or brunch dish that’s full of flavor by adding leftover roast turkey, mozzarella, or your cheese of choice, spinach, and a little bit of salt and pepper. Don’t like turkey or have that around? Chicken, ham, and other meats also work well in frittatas.

Check out this delicious high-protein turkey recipe here.

13. Turkey-Bacon-Avocado Grilled Cheese

Who said leftover turkey sandwiches had to be boring? This turkey, bacon, and avocado grilled cheese sandwich promises to be anything but dull. Crispy bacon? Check. Savory and tender, juicy turkey? Check! Rich avocado? Check! And gooey melted cheese? My word. Don’t forget, you can always add your own favorites to any sandwich to make it extra special.

Take a look at the recipe from Delish here.

14. Leftover Turkey Chili

Put your Thanksgiving turkey (or chicken) leftovers to good use with delicious and healthy turkey chili. This quick and easy recipe packs a flavor punch in one pot.

Check out the recipe from Salt & Lavender here. And check out the Instant Pot version here.

15. Thanksgiving Leftover Pop-Tarts

These gluten-free stuffed tarts made with leftover turkey are a delectable, flaky, and buttery Thanksgiving turkey treat. Stuffed with turkey, mashed potatoes, dressing, and cranberry sauce and drizzled with a warm gravy! This turkey recipe is a great way to use up all of your Thanksgiving leftovers.

Check out the recipe from The Butter Half here.

16. Leftover Turkey Ratatouille Skillet with Herbed Dumplings

Warm and cozy, this skillet dish is a one-pot shot of comfort food. Fluffy and moist dumplings are piled on top of a savory mix of leftover juicy turkey, eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes, pepper, and onion. Perfect for a cast-iron skillet meal.

Check out the recipe from Climbing Grier Mountain here.

17. Turkey, Mozzarella, and Kale Pesto Panini

This turkey sandwich has an Italian twist. Light and fresh tasting kale and basil pesto cover sliced turkey, tomato, and creamy mozzarella. Then it is pressed together to create a crispy and crunchy panini with a melty and flavor-filled middle.

Mangia Mangia! Check out the recipe at Delish here.

18. Turkey Pot Pie

This rich and hearty classic meal is a perfect way to use your Thanksgiving bird leftovers. This pot pie has a flaky all-butter crust and is filled with turkey meat, veggies, and creamy gravy.

Check out this turkey recipe from Foodess here.

19. Turkey Tortilla Soup

This delicious Turkey Tortilla Soup is a great way to use your turkey leftovers for something new that doesn’t taste anything like Thanksgiving.

This tortilla soup is filled with shredded turkey meat (or you can use chicken), jalapenos, garlic, and roasted tomatoes and chile.

Check out how to make this soup here.

20. Leftover Turkey in Gravy

Looking for a way to make use of more than one of your Thanksgiving leftovers? Try this leftover roast turkey in gravy recipe for a quick, easy, and creamy way to use your meat, gravy, and mashed potato leftovers.

Since you’re reheating the meat in gravy, your turkey will be as moist and delicious as when you served it on Thanksgiving Day!

Check out the recipe here.

21. Turkey Rosemary Bolognese

So many of the ingredients and items you have on hand for Thanksgiving roast turkey can also be used and repurposed into a Bolognese. Check out this tasty turkey rosemary Bolognese for an Italian take on your leftover turkey meat.

Click to read the recipe from Real Simple here.

22. Turkey Enchiladas

This chef-approved enchilada recipe is a flavorful way to use leftover turkey meat (or chicken) for a tender and melt-in-your-mouth classic. Made with ancho chile and Arbol chile, this enchilada recipe brings the heat to your leftover turkey recipe.

Check out the recipe at Epicurious here.

23. Leftover Turkey Wild Rice Soup

This hearty turkey wild rice soup uses leftover turkey meat and chunky cuts of vegetables with wild rice (which the Salt & Lavender’s author explains isn’t actually rice, the more you know) for a classic and cozy meal.

Check out the recipe here.

24. Thanksgiving Leftovers Party Buns

These tasty slider-sized sandwiches are a perfectly portable way to use those Thanksgiving roast turkey leftovers.

Made with mini rolls like yeast rolls or Hing’s Hawaiian rolls, these sandwiches are filled with leftover chopped turkey breast, smoked gouda cheese, and cranberry sauce (another leftover you can use!). Quick and easy, these are easy to make and easy to eat.

Check out the recipe here.

25. Turkey Kale Salad with Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Carrots

Trying to eat healthy after Thanksgiving? Put your leftover turkey meat to good use with this tasty kale salad. Made with roasted sweet potatoes, fresh kale, and red onion but the real start of the show becomes your leftover roast turkey.

Check the recipe out at Gluten Free Homestead here.

26. Turkey Casserole

This oven-baked casserole is a great way to use up leftover turkey and leftover veggies from Thanksgiving. It has a delectable, butter-crumb topping made with panko.

Check it out from Delish here.

27. Chinese Turkey Salad Wraps

Use leftover shredded turkey tossed in a spicy sesame oil sauce in wraps paired with crunchy almonds. These wraps are crunchy, sweet, and tangy.

Check out the recipe from Good Housekeeping here.

28. Thanksgiving Crunchwrap

This turkey crunch wrap is the perfect twist on a leftover turkey sandwich. This one is easy to make, and you just use whichever Thanksgiving leftovers you have on hand, like roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, and cranberry sauce.

Check out how to make this tasty turkey tortilla wrap here.

29. Buffalo Turkey Cobb Salad

Dress your turkey leftovers up in wing sauce and add as a flavorful protein addition to any leafy green salad. Or, go another level and try it with a Cobb salad for a low-calorie lunch or dinner.

Check out the recipe here.

30. Turkey and Stuffing Quiche

This light and savory quiche is filled with roasted turkey leftovers and stuffing for an effortless leftover Thanksgiving turkey quiche. Bake a pre-made crust and mix eggs, half-and-half, leftover turkey meat, stuffing, cheddar, herbs, and salt and pepper together.

Fill the baked pie crust with the meat, veggies, and cheese then pour the custard mix over. Bake for 35-45 minutes at 350 degrees. Want to cut down on fat? Use milk instead of half-and-half.

Check out the recipe from the Food Network here.



Now that dinner is over, it’s also time to store all of the leftover roasted turkey meat. How do you store all of these leftovers so you can use them for future meals?

How to Store Turkey and Leftovers

Store your turkey and other Thanksgiving leftovers in smaller, airtight containers. Dividing large amounts into smaller portions will help the meat cool and refrigerate or freeze more effectively. The Food Network recommends that you use freezer- or storage-specific plastic bags and wraps, which are better at preventing freezer burn. Make sure to remove as much air as possible, limiting any exposure to the surface of the food, which also helps cut down the potential for freezer burn.

Remember, leftovers shouldn’t be left at room temperature for more than two hours, so make sure you take care to pack up your Thanksgiving feast leftovers quickly so that you lessen the risk of food poisoning.